Apostolic Christian HarvestCall

West Lafayette, IN


Helping Victims of Flood and Fire

Rebuilding in Bastrop County, Texas


Since May of 2015, Bastrop County, Texas has experienced two floods and a wildfire. The first flood came at the end of May – the wettest 30-day period on record. Large areas of Texas experienced flooding during this period. More than two dozen lives were lost across the Lone Star State. In mid-October, following a hot dry summer, a wildfire burned through the Hidden Pines area of Bastrop destroying more than sixty homes and charring 4600 acres. Fortunately, no lives were lost as a result of this fire. Once again – near the end of October – severe flooding struck the area for a second time in just five months. A total of more than 14 inches of rain was recorded at the Austin airport over a twenty-four-hour period with nearly six inches recorded during the 9-10 AM hour. Rivers and streams throughout the area overflowed their banks causing severe damage to hundreds of homes and in some cases total destruction. Hundreds of families were displaced from their homes.

Apostolic Christian HarvestCall packed up their trucks, trailers and RV's and headed to Bastrop County arriving on February 4, 2016. Their mission here is  to clean-up, re-construct, new builds and repair not only homes and areas that were lost or damaged in the multiple disasters but to help the owners of these homes...giving them Faith that there can be a new and good beginning. To restore Faith and Kindness in mankind. The first group arrived and begun immediatley here at Trails End Ranch and Trails End Ranch Enterprises setting up headquarters. Ladies were filling the shelves with food and unpacking cooking items in the Commissary and the Commercial Kitchen. Men were unloading trailers of equipment and tools, that was only the first week. When the second week started, volunteers from all over the country were showing up here at the Ranch. The outpour of all these people to help people that they do not know and to help them rebuild homes and lives is a wonderful view. Week 3, then week 4 came and went with an outpour of volunteers to assist our community with all of their skills and hard work. A few bus loads came with college students from week to week. They all work so hard and ask for nothing in return other than seeing the smiles and gratitude on people's faces and feel the warmth of their hearts.  The homes were taking shape and the owners of the homes were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Becoming overwhelmed by the kindness and faith that all of the volunteers and long term workers provide daily. 

Weeks 5, 6, and 7 were just ast busy and rewarding as the previous weeks with so much positivity flowing in the air...work didnt feel like a chore, sure it felt like a blessing to many! Weeks 8, 9, 10 the crews were busy installing kitchen cabinet, floorings, fixtures, etc. These were really houses that the homeowners will now call home. During the building (framing process) the volunteers wrote inspirational scriptures on the framing joist and 2 x 4's. Their mark will be left not only in the homeowners hearts but within the walls of their homes. During these 11 weeks, HarvestCall has  built, remodel, purchased mobile homes for all displaced families from these disasters. 

Not to mention week 12, HarvestCall assisted several more families, financially and they purchased a few more mobile homes. They even transferred title to one of their vehicles to a family who's vehicle was destroyed by a downed tree the last week that the crew was in Bastrop.  Not only homes were built but Friendships were built that will last a lifetime.

All in all for the 12 weeks that Apostolic Christian HarvestCall were in Bastrop County with their headquarters at Trails End Ranch, they helped over 20 families.

All of us here at Trails End Ranch would like Aposotlic Christian HarvestCall know that they are all appreciated. The time and efforts that they put forth in helping their fellowmen is a wonderful thing. 

~Continue to Pray until something happens....He does hear your prayers and He answers them at the right time ~


A Few of the Homeowners....

And we wake up to another Bright and Wonderful Day at the Ranch ~

Twelve weeks of Hard Work, Dedication and Faith brought all these Volunteers together.

Over 400 total Volunteers gave their time and love for mankind

and they all stayed at the Ranch!!

The kitchen being packed

A Few Pictures on the Ranch

Supply Trailers packed

Equipment ready to go

A Few More Pictures of the work and the homes ~


​And the Community work they are doing

for Bastrop County Residents


These boots have walked alot of miles in the last three months volunteering here in Bastrop County, Texas.

Bastrop Texas 2015

The last meeting of the long timers at the Ranch...

We at Trails End Ranch, LLC  &  

Trails End Ranch Enterprises, LLC would like to offer our sincere THANK YOU for all the work that the Longtimers and Weekly Volunteers brought to Bastrop & Travis Counties.

Your help has been overwhelming not only for the Homeowners but the friendship that you brought to the Ranch will be with us forever.

​We will miss all of you!

Just a few photos of the Groups at the Ranch

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Red Rock, Texas​

​​​​Vacation at ​​​​​​​​​Trails End Ranch

​​And then came Week 12......The Dedication of the Homes

The last week at the Ranch.. Packing to go home!